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    Wholesale FAQs
    How can I set up a wholesale account?
    Setting up an account with us is easy!

    You only have to operate an apparel related business.
    In most regions you also need a tax number. If you are still in the founding or planning phase, just give us a call, and we can let you know what will be needed to set up an account.

    As regulations are different from region to region, please check our regional ordering information pages for details on how to register. (Under “Registration & Forms” you will find what you need).

    Go directly to the application forms for your region:

    USA (Online Form)
    Canada (Online Form)
    United Kingdom (Online Form)
    Europe (Online Form)

    Set up a new account and place an order immediately by calling the customer service number for your region or view more information specific to your region:

    USA/International: +1 (213) 488-0226
    Canada: +1 (514) 939-0245
    Mexico: +52 (55) 1886-3469
    Europe: +49 (0) 2131 1246719
    United Kingdom: +44 (20) 3206 2046
    Switzerland: +49 (0) 2131 1246719

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