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American Apparel
Politically Correct.
Düsseldorf Überblick
November 2005

"Wearing clothes is a necessity which almost transcends all cultural and socio-economic boundaries; yet, most clothing goods are still produced under the most worker-exploited conditions. It is our goal to break this cycle." American Apparel has promoted the cause of manufacturing clothing, which has not been produced at the expense of cheap labor, and which people like to wear. All American Apparel clothing is produced exclusively in their 350 square meter factory in downtown Los Angeles. Design, sales and marketing… everything, including production of the catalogue, takes place there. The concentration of the entire textile pipeline under one roof not only guarantees fair minimum wages for all employees, it also makes it possible for the company to function more efficiently and with optimum productivity.

A company with a politically correct mission is also aware of ecology. American Apparel's "Sustainable Edition", is produced according to eco-friendly criteria. Concern for the welfare of society is further expressed in this statement by the company: "We at American Apparel believe that 99 percent of the cotton used for the manufacture of clothing is treated with chemical additions and/or by-products, which could have the following adverse consequences: increase in the incidence of cancer, contamination of the drinking water, poisoning of primitive peoples and destruction of the natural balance for the preservation of our eco-system."

Implicit in this statement is the fact that anyone buying clothing at the Düsseldorf branch of American Apparel has exercised their social conscience, and at the same time has demonstrated concern for the environment. In addition, the buyer acquires a garment of high quality made from 100 percent combed, American cotton that feels good on the skin. Apart from the classic T's and sweats, there are various other shirts in different styles, as well as short and longer skirts; and much more for "Classic Girls", men, children, babies and those who like to dress "Standard American". All items come in a multitude of different radiant colors or in plain black and white — but always in solid colors.

That's why they lend themselves so well for imprinting. By the way, screen printers receive a 20 percent discount. So, why not visit American Apparel at this address?
Düsseldorf-MedienHafen, Hammerstrasse 19, Phone 38 54 09 40.
Store hours: Monday to Saturday 11AM to 8PM.
AE, DC, MasterCard/Visa, Electronic Cash.

Translation: Eva Sokolow