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Shopping Just Like in Downtown Los Angeles
Ursula Borer dreamed the California dream in the middle of the "Cheib" district in Zurich.
Schweizer Illustrierte
August 29, 2005

Only a little while ago, backpack tourists used to buy their gear here to wear for trekking in Nepal. But now, an air of light-heartedness seems to flow through Josephstrasse 74 in Zurich's District 5, which is usually associated more with the West Coast of the United States. American Apparel, the cult label with social responsibility, sells shirts, tank tops, skirts, lingerie and bikinis; they also offer hooded sweatshirts, short, workout pants and bags for girls, boys, babies and even dogs. All articles are void of any paraphernalia, but they do have the perfect cut, are made from quality cotton and even provide you with a clear conscience, inasmuch as all garments are manufactured in downtown Los Angeles under fair working conditions. And the best part? No matter how bad the weather, these colorful basics always seem to instill the illusion of sun, beach and fun.

SKATER : Double-ribbed tank top in summery mint color for everyday wear : 29.-

ROLLER GIRL : Bikini top and running shorts in many color combinations : 17.- / 37.-

POOL NYMPH : Strapless bathing suit in shiny turquoise, allows ample cleavage : 65.-

DISCO LADY : Playful mini in a golden yellow color made of Jersey material : 32.-

BEACH JOGGER : purple underpants with a perfect fit for people with self-confidence : 20.-

American Apparel: West-Coast feeling on two floors. Store hours: Monday to Friday 10 Am - 7 Pm, Saturdays 10 Am - 4 Pm.

For more information:

Tel. 043 - 960 30 55 or

Anyone unable to come to Zurich can also order via the home page of "Trend Label"