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Conscience Undercover
Out Generation
August 23, 2004

If you love fashion and trends, but live within a tight budget, then you must get yourself into some American Apparel. With four stores located in New York City and four new stores scheduled to open in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and South Beach, the store is a must visit on any style maven's checklist.

American Apparel's mission is to make great quality clothing without using cheap "sweatshop" labor and exploiting workers. Based in Los Angeles, the company began in 1997 by first making blank t-shirts sold to other companies to imprint and brand. The great cut and quality of their t-shirts combined with their social consciousness generated lots of great buzz and American Apparel has now opened 13 retail stores. All garments continue to be cut and sewn in their L.A. factory where the average worker is paid $13 an hour with medical benefits. They even staff on location masseuses in case a worker gets a cramp on the job!

Although they are known for their social consciousness, a visit to an American Apparel store is not boring. They promote their message of youth and sex with Penthouse covers from the '70s and sexy photos on the walls at their retail stores. All the clothing is un-logoed and the main line, Standard American, is unisex. The difference of an American Apparel t-shirt is noted in the youthful fit whose cut is similar to the cut of a 1970s t-shirt.

If shopping in the store isn't convenient for you, you can also shop online at www. or request a catalogue. American Apparel is the stylish and affordable way to go!

Check our Amercian Apparel's web site at