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Best T-shirts Known To Man
May 2004

The perfect t-shirt is sort of the Holy Grail of casual dressing. A t-shirt is a deceptively simple thing, but so many factors can lead to its failure as a piece of clothing. Some t-shirts are too thick, the tags rub the back of your neck, the arms are too long and the bottom hangs too low. They have tight collars or seams that rub. Many things can go wrong with a t-shirt.

American Apparel of Los Angeles gets everything right; they make the best t-shirts, bar none. No other t-shirts even come close. The sleeves fall mid-bicep; the all-cotton fabric is thin but dense and hangs comfortably. They are available in all kinds of colors and they have gym-style shirts with alternate color collars as well as ringers. It would be easy to overlook distasteful business practices in some developing world sweat-shop; these t-shirts could ease your conscience about overworked and underpaid Indonesians. But, American Apparel is responsible enough to make them right here, in country. And for the meticulously scrupled, they have ones made of organic cotton as well. They make kids shirts, a smaller, girlie line and even shirts for your dog. A few alternate color tank tops for a girl whose name will remain unwritten seemed to go over very well. And they call the girlie tank-tops "boy-beaters" so clever, so droll. I wear one of their blue Fine Jersey S/S 2001's as I write this and it makes the opining immeasurably more pleasant.

American Apparel shirts probably won't end war, cure hunger, or heal broken hearts but sporting one will keep you comfortable and looking sharp while the world works everything out.