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Every Year PRWEEK puts together the 10 best quotes from somewhere.
December 16, 2002

1. "If 60 Minutes will not do a story on me, it's their problem not mine. I'm changing the world; they're just reporting on it." Dov Charney, the brash, but big hearted CEO and senior partner of American Apparel, knows that his company deserves attention, even if a few media outlets don't.
-SEPTEMBER 23, 2002

2. "The investing public, along with the millions employed by large companies, now look at these pillars of industry as they might look at a carnival tent full of bearded ladies." tom Martin, SVP of ITT's corporate relations, knows that all who work in corporate PR face long, sizable challenge in regaining public rut following the Enron fiasco.
-MARCH 11, 2002

3. "If I can live with my dad for 24 years-an ex-Marine who grew up poor in the Bronx-a screaming flak isn't exactly going to make me shake in my shoes, let alone stop me from writing a story." Charles Gasparino, one of the most respected reporters at The Wall Street Journal, pulls no punches as he shares his opinion on PR professionals who try to intimidate him.
-AUGUST 19,2002

4. "Our CEO has said that people are over their fear of flying. Now we just have to get them over the fear of the airport." Ginger Hardage Southwest Airlines' corporate communications an PR VP, points to the airline industry's continued PR battle to regain the public's trust.
-APRIL 22, 2002

5. "The PR industry has been on to suicidal mission to have itself measured by last week's clip book." Andy Lark, Sun Microsystems' VP of global communications and marketing, points to one reason why PR firms have lagged behind ad agencies in gaining marketers' respect.
-APRIL 15, 2002

6. "It started getting more complex last May. We had a new telecom client and the contract negotiation was worse than going to the proctologist. We were poked and prodded." Jonathan Bloom, CEO of McGrath/Power, explains that with tech clients scrutinizing every detail these days, the process of finalizing a contract has become more arduous.
-JUNE 3, 2002

7. "If you are stuck in the days of thinking that cleaning out three press releases a day will improve your stock price, wake up." Deb Hagen, VP and general manager of Text 100's Seattle office explains that all PR pros have to work harder now that the dot-com heyday has passed.
-SEPTEMBER 30, 2002

8. "I don't hive a damn about the money. I do not take action based on profit. I act based n what will make us better. And if you do that, the money will be there." Larry Lokey, founder and president of Business Wire, summarizes the rationale that has enabled him to stay on top of the newswire industry for more than 40 years
-SEPTEMBER 16,2002

9. "If you know a top management layer that doesn't want a crisis comms plan, and you've got stock in them, I'd cash out because that's a bad situation." Bob Godlewski, national media manager at UPS, is astonished by the idea that any executive board would neglect to invest in a crisis team.
-JANUARY 21,2002

10. "You're not going to send me to the White House." Ann Richards, the colorful, widely respected former Texas governor, explains why her agency, PSI, has hired experts for the other side of the political divide.
-AUGUST 5,2002