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Fall 2009.
Pts. 1 and 2
Summer 2009.
Wearing the Emergency Jacket, the Disco Pant, Side Zipper Pant and Velour Raglan.
Summer 2009.
Art work at American Apparel's principal factory.
Art work at American Apparel's principal factory.
Eric was my freshman roommate. -Dov
Tic-Tac-Toe brands (maker of our Hartwick shoes) have been manufacturing shoes, boots and slippers from their Gloverville, New York factory for long enough to understand what it means to make premium quality footwear (four generations worth).
August 2008.
American Apparel does sewing at 3 factories, has 2 fabric dye houses, a fully functional garment dye operation, and its own knit facility.
They work at Factory #2 in Southgate, Los Angeles.
She sews over 2,000 pairs of sleeves per day. She works at Factory #2 in Southgate, Los Angeles.
January 2009.
January 2009.
In the fitting room of the Claremont, CA store. Summer 2008.
New York City October 2008
1975-78, when he was 7-9 years old, using leftover materials found in his architect father's home/office.
Our team of mechanics service and maintain the thousands of machines that are used throughout the factory.
Holiday lunch for employees at the factory headquarters.
Courtesy of Homeboy Industries.
Our brand-new dye house where we now dye, finish and dry 1/3 of our total fabric volume.
Downtown Los Angeles - May 1, 2006