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TOP 10 Style Sample Kit
Our TOP 10 style sample pack contains the 10 best-selling styles from our innovative wholesale line. Each enclosed piece is hang-tagged with the style name and number. Sample packs are perfect for customer presentations and showroom displays! A current American Apparel catalog is included with each sample pack. Shipped in a complimentary B540 Gym Bag for easy transport.

2102 Fine Jersey T - Assorted

Please Note: Sizes and colors are pre-determined and there will be no specific requests or adjustments

Wholesale Pricing

Prices in US Dollars.

*Please note that dozen and case pricing requires the same style, color, and size.


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This size/color is part of our standard product range. If inventory runs out, it will soon be replenished.
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This size/color is not part of our standard product range. Custom order may be possible.
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