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Everybody Loves this bag!
April 12, 2011 12:49 PT

Name: Annabu
From: Germany
Blog Link: Bu The Right Thing

Name: Jaclyn
From: Canada
Blog Link: Beaux- Mondes

Name: Flingly
From: Oslo
Blog Link: Flingly

Name: Jennifer
From: London
Blog Link: The Style Crusader

Name: Veronica
From: Paris
Blog Link: Fashion Fruit

Name: Mie
From: Frederiksberg
Blog Link: We Wonder

Name: Mie
From: Copenhagen
Blog Link: Style Gallery

Name: Raffi
From: Los Angeles
Blog Link: Attic in the Basement

Name: Cinta
From: Berlin
Blog Link: Trapped in her Closet

Name: Taylor
From: California
Blog Link: Sterling Style

Name: Annabu
From: Germany
Blog Link: BuTheRightThing

Name: Caylee
From: Indianapolis
Blog Link: If You Seek Style

Name: Connie
From: New York
Blog Link: Street Peeper

Name: Travis
From: Chicago
Blog Link: Travis J.

Name: Carolina
From: Stockholm
Blog Link: Fashion Squad

Name: Blair
From: San Francisco
Blog Link: Atlantic Pacific

Name: Blair
From: San Francisco
Blog Link: Atlantic Pacific

Name: Jess
From: Hong Kong
Blog Link: Sweet Fashion

Name: Fashion is Just Perversed
From: London
Blog Link: Fashion is Just Perversed

Name: Liz
From: San Francisco
Blog Link: Pop Culture Afternoon

1 Comment
I love this one! Simple yet classy, perfect accesoire this summer.
April 13, 2011 11:10 PT
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