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Tee Shirts

American Apparel is a progressive manufacturer of Tee Shirts in the United States.
American Apparel is committed to producing quality garments embodying the highest standards. American Apparel manufactures Tee Shirts for young women, infants and men. American Apparel has a strong commitment to design and quality, unprecedented in our industry.
Based in Los Angeles and located in the heart of the garment district, American Apparel is committed to the use of quality machinery, advanced systems and employees who share their vision and dedication.
American Apparel anticipates having a major effect on the t-shirt industry over the next few years. They were one of the first t-shirt companies to introduce Tee Shirts designed for young women during the last five years. In addition to being strong in the area of product development, American Apparel is full of creative thinkers in terms of developing up-to-date internal information technology, allowing them to have the correct merchandise in stock at the right time. American Apparel recently developed a full e-commerce site, one of the most sophisticated of its kind in the t-shirt industry.
American Apparel is committed to providing a quality work environment for their employees. American Apparel located in a fascinating facility in downtown Los Angeles, which was built during World War I. They are offering ESL (English as a second language training) to our manufacturing employees. American Apparel hopes to establish a full time nurse and day care center on their premises. In addition to manufacturing Tee Shirts that improve the lives of our customers, American Apparel is also interested in creating social programs for our employees to improve the quality of their lives.