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Thank you for your interest in American Apparel. We receive an overwhelming amount of inquiries and have recently instituted a new system for responding to requests. This is for your benefit as much as ours--we want to be sure all emails are sent to the proper person with the proper information in order to properly reply within the correct timeframe. Please read the instructions below carefully. You must format your request according to these guidelines and send them to the listed address. Please do so only once. Again, American Apparel receives hundreds of requests everyday and we do our best to answer each one as warranted. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
We reserve the right to ignore requests that don't follow instructions. At the very least, you will go to the back of the line.
Promotional inquiries, partnerships, and giveaways: Email [email protected] with the following subject line:
"Proposed Promotion + [Organization] + [Event Date or Location]"

Please stick to this subject structure since we receive quite a few requests and this will separate you from the pack. Unfortunately we can't reply to all requests, but we'll try our best to reply to your inquiry within one business day. If you don't hear back but are convinced you're perfect for us, feel free to try again in a few days. It's never our intention to overlook great events and opportunities, so even if you don't hear back please consider us for future opportunities as well.