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American Apparel coming to Shanghai
Jake Newby
March 31, 2008

Fans of tight-fitting non-branded clothing rejoice! Following the much-heralded invasion of H&M and (the slightly less heralded) C&A, dedicated followers of fashion have the arrival of another Western brand to look forward to, after American Apparel announced that they will be hitting the streets of Shanghai in the next month or so. Location details have not yet been released but the chain is currently negotiating a lease for a downtown store in Shanghai, as well as planning to open in Beijing and Suzhou.

From the American Apparel site:

We're coming to China!

In the next few months American Apparel will be opening its first stores in China with locations already slated in Beijing and in Shanghai.

In a rare industry occurrence, we will be bringing Made in the USA clothing to China and we intend to pay employees there gross wages that exceed the US minimum.

Get those job applications in now then folks. According to fashion news site DNR, the brand could opt for a so-called 'soft opening' in China — with a relatively low-key advertising campaign and little fanfare surrounding their store openings — due to fears that some of their usual advertisements may ruffle feathers over at SARFT towers. As you'll probably recall, our good friends at the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television launched a crackdown on "social pollution" last year by banning a whole host of evil adverts that featured people in (gasp!) their underwear. For some reason then, American Apparel reckon that ads like the one pictured above might not go down too well in the Middle Kingdom.

They're expecting a warmer reaction from Chinese consumers to their line of no-nonsense clothing however, and, despite entering the Chinese market, will continue to manufacture their products in their factory in downtown LA. Bizarrely then, you'll soon be able to buy products in China with a 'Made in the USA' label on them, rather than vice-versa.
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