Thank you for supporting the Equality for Gay rights and not backing down despite the vandalism experienced at your SIlver Spring, MD store, and threats rec'd by your store in Gtown, DC. Your support, and that of your employees, is ever so appreciated!!

Salman S.

Thank you for American Apparel's support of marriage equality.

I'm very pleased to hear you're not backing down in the face of controversy, including after the vandalism at your Silver Spring, Maryland, store and threats to stores and employees in the DC area (but please increase security so your employees can be and feel safe).

I sing with the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC. I understand that you're donating "Legalize Gay" T shirts for us to wear as we sing at the Equality Across America rally. THANK YOU!

Please forward this email (with or without my name) to your DC area stores so they will know their support has been noticed and appreciated.

I will not forget American Apparel's support.

Craig R.
Washington, DC

I'm emailing to say thank you for your support of marriage equality by providing t-shirts to the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, among other things. You are doing the right thing by standing up to the bigots and being supportive, and I applaud you for it.

You can be sure that you are supported and your companies name is in good shape with me and my friends.

Thank you.
Christopher G.


I act as a frequent donor myself to the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington. In doing so, I have become a member of a large family of friends who are the most accepting, loving and nurturing community I've known in my adult life.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this wonderfully talented and creative organization with your recent donation of "Legalize Gay" t-shirts. Each of the members will proudly sport them at the upcoming March and, hopefully, well into the future of Equality.

Kindest Regards,