Made in Downtown LAVertically Integrated Manufacturing
Some of the best and most evocative images captured by our staff.
Deep Thoughts
View several short films by various American Apparel employees. These videos capture the essence of the company and feature our workers, friends and customers. These videos require either Microsoft Media Player or Apple QuickTime Player.
American Apparel Profile
American Apparel Video, 11th Annual ICR XChange Conference

We did our best to condense everything we stand for into this five minute video presentation, made public for the first time here
Jan Willem hands out our Viva Radio stickers to the crowd at 77BOADRUM.
Robbie and Eddie enjoy our balloon-filled photo studio. We look on, envious of their unbridled joy.
An American Apparel employee spotted a tap dancer wearing our Interlock Running Short while busking in Washington Square Park.
Willa and Jan take a sneak peak inside the factory of our top-secret supplier for vintage sunglass frames.
We shot our models in front of several sculptures in downtown Los Angeles.
Model Johnny gets up to no good on Venice Beach.
We tried to show Londoners Alex and Joseph some LA sites, but they were obviously more interested in each other.
Iris's grandparents take us down memory lane and share with us the many ways they relax these days.
Vinka and Grey show us how fun it is to stay up past bedtime.
We shot models Kelly and Lamson dressing and undressing in the same size outfit.
Kelly and Lamson skate through the factory at night while Lamson shares his rendition of "Hanky Panky" acapella.
Ollie introduces himself to some roosters and fish at the East Pico artist's studios.
Just one part of the production process.
Comics in the factory.
American Apparel employees breaking for their daily group stretching session on the factory floor.
Traffic on the factory stairs.
An empty room in our storage building.
American Apparel employee, Jeneleen, gets 5 seconds of fame at the first Dodgers game of the season.
Water-skiing, ice skating, and rodeo moments.
Down and dirty dancing followed by a fun low impact workout.
Las Vegas, NV. Sabrina tests out our new shorts.
Playa del Carmen, MX. A sunny afternoon out at sea.
Xochitlmilco, MX. A delivery cart driver rolls through the city.
Xochitlmilco, MX. On a shopping trip to find wholesale plants and cacti.
Iris's grandparents test out the A-Way Jacket.
Personal bodyguards pass the time refueling on 30 cent tacos.
View from the passenger seat of a delivery truck while driving through El Centro.
Arturo, an American Apparel art department employee and the man behind the mask.
Meet Tatiana. She loves LA.
Take a look at our rigorous testing process.
He doesn't like it.
Dov gets his groove on.
Sneakers, sharp objects and road trips don't mix.
Consumers give their opinion on American Apparel's model selection.
Emma expresses her honest opinion of Dov Charney.
Doing what they do best.
American Apparel model Thida tells us why she's so fond of our new mesh tops.
400 men drop their pants in an attempt to save their agricultural land.
If you're ever in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico make sure to introduce yourself to Señor Domingo.