Made in USA

American Apparel employs over 10,000 people worldwide. Most of those jobs are right here in the USA. Our team of sewers, shippers, cutters, dyers and creatives accounts for more than 6,500 employees at our LA-area factories alone. Their income goes back into the local economy through our employees' purchasing power, as well as through state and city taxes on payroll and property.

Every year American Apparel contributes roughly $25 million dollars in federal and state payroll taxes and with over 180 retail stores in the US, we contribute millions more in rent in cities all over the country.

The jobs we create aren't just jobs, they are good jobs—jobs that support families and communities. American Apparel garment workers are the highest paid garments workers in the world. They are paid partially by the amount of pieces they produce and can make as much as $18.50/hour or $36,000 per year. An employee doesn't necessarily have to come in with prior experience. We offer on-the-job training to those willing and driven to learn. It's our hope that the American Apparel factory can mean the American Dream for our employees.

In addition to earning potential, we offer low cost benefits programs, an on-site clinic, informational sessions on health issues, and free vaccinations (covered by the health plans) that keep area families healthy through preventive care, and help reserve our city's emergency rooms for emergencies.

We work to encourage healthy eating habits, promote exercise and stretching and offer complementary massages to workers to avoid on and off the job injuries.

American Apparel considers its workers family. It's why we've dedicated the company's power and advertising resources to publicly fight for immigration reform. A path to legalization and humane enforcement is critical for our local and national economy. Since it is an issue that weighs heavily on the families of our workers, it weighs heavily on us as well.

In the handful of cases where we don't produce a product ourselves, we work with manufacturers who share the principles we've built our business around.

For our Made in USA nail polish line, we have partnered with a factory located just a few miles away from our headquarters in Los Angeles.

Our wool floppy hat is custom made by Baron Hats, who has been in the millinery business for more than 75 years and our new dance shoe is custom made for American Apparel by Gateway Shoes in Ballwin, Missouri. You can see that in our selection of American-made classics including the Slinky and Sharpies. Even our vintage line, California Select is mostly sourced through California vendors and markets.

A few of our Multi-Brand items might not be made at our factory in Downtown Los Angeles, but they pass through it physically and philosophically.